College & Career

Purpose and Goal:


South Side Baptist Tabernacle College & Career Ministry is a family of Christian young adults who are committed to their faith, academics and careers. Our vision is to continue to be the church of the future and make a difference in the lives, families, campuses, work places and young adults in our community.  We believe that in our busy lives of school, career, and extracurricular activities, Christ should still be our focus and priority.




Tim & Vikki Dudley


Sunday School:


We meet every Sunday morning at 10:00am at the building located in the North/West corner of the church property.




It is understandable that you have a busy schedule, however, Godly fellowship is important for encouragement and growth in your Christian life. Other than Sunday School on Sunday mornings, there are monthly bible studies and fellowship times. Special activites such as Camping trips, Iron Chef Competions, Christmas Parties, Sports activities and other events take place throughout the year.


Please come visit us! We would love for you to join our group!