In 1973, Pastor Duane Rutherford started an old fashioned Baptist camp meeting. Camp Achor's early years were held in a field adjacent to the old church building at 2069 Tyler Road.




In 1976, South Side Baptist was able to buy 30 acres on the corner of Stoney Creek and Textile Road. It was the church's prayer and aspiration that one day the church and camp would exist on that same property. In 1996, 23 years after the purchase of the property, God answered those prayers and South Side embarked on the building of their new building at 6710 Textile Road. Since its beginning, the Sunday that camp starts, was deemed "Old Fashioned Sunday" and the members of the church would dress up in clothing similar to those worn in the 1800's.



Today, the camp and church exist on the same property. The Sunday that starts camp week is still deemed "Old Fashioned Sunday" and Camp Achor is known across the nation. There is power in prayer!






For years, the three R's, reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic shaped the minds of young lives throughout our country. At Camp Achor, we hope to infuence our country by reviving a love for God in the ears of young and old alike using our own set of "3 R's": Renewel, Relationships, and Reverence.






Camp Achor provides a place where saints of God can relax from the daily cares of life thereby recharging their spiritual batteries and renewing their zeal to serve the Master.






Camp Achor provides opportunities for fellowship and friendship with other Christian families and servants of God, but emphasizes a rekindling of a right relationship with the Friend that sticketh closer than a brother.






Camp Achor provides music, teaching and preaching that lifts up the holiness and power of God, thus providing an atmosphere of spiritual worship and praise.