Camp Achor Facilities

The South Side Baptist Tabernacle provides the best it can in the way of facilities. Lodging is made available to all those who are registered. Men and women are separated. If you desire there are plenty of motel accomodations nearby. Also there is a KOA campground a few miles from our camp.


Whatever offerings that are given by way of obedience are placed in the camp meeting fund to help with the expenses of the camp meeting. If there is any extra, it goes to improve the facilities on the camp ground and add new ones.




Dormitories are provided for men and women.




Shower facilities are provided for both men and women.




We have 20 spaces for trailer hookups for both water and electricity, no sewage. There is a dump site on the property.




We have areas for trailers with both hookups and no hookups. There are sites for tents without water or electricity.





There is a concession stand managed by our youth department throughout the day. The profits made from the snack shop is used for missions trips that our teens take every two years.